Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is one of the numerous water falls in Oregon. It is located just about an half an hour drive from Portland. Unfortunately, because of poor planning and research (which is RARE since I do most of that stuff in advance. This location was chosen by one of my family members so he had to do homework on it and NOT me – I really wish I did. Lesson learned DO NOT RELY ON OTHERS) we were not able to make it down the main visitor centre of the waterfalls. There, you can take a closer look at Multnomah Falls cascading down the mountain.

On the time that we went, the main road to the visitors centre was closed. So we took a different route which took us to a different parking lot just across the falls which was seperated by a highway. Upon arriving, we automatically thought that there was no way of going across that highway because everyone around us seem to be taking picture there and not going anywhere else. So we took a couple snaps and left. Out of curiosity, I researched more about this location today and found out that yes, indeed there is another way to go from that parking lot and it was an underground tunnel that was connected between to the other parking lots. I feel really silly for not thinking about that. Anyways, next time we go we know what to do.

Our visit to the falls was not exactly wasted because the drive to the falls alone was already breath taking. We were surrounded by beautiful rock formations/mountains and the Columbia River Gorge which has a scenic stop so you could take some pictures.

En route to Multnomah Falls
En route to Multnomah Falls
Columbia River Gorge
Scenic stop at Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

Upon my research today, I also found out at that you could hike up the falls and view it from the top. I definitely will be coming back to take a closer look at the falls and maybe take that little hike up.

Happy Browsing!

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