Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is only 35 days away. Unfortunately, this holiday season won’t be the same as before due to COVID-19. I am 95% sure that I will not be seeing my family in person this Christmas due to the rising cases in my province. It is sad to think about but we have to try to oversee that and look at the positives. Knowing that I will not be unknowingly passing anything to my parents and that they are safe and vice versa gets a double thumbs up from me. We will just have to celebrate Christmas differently this year and that is okay. This is an opportunity for all of us to open our creative boxes and make new traditions during this holiday season.

With all the dinner parties gone, there are now a lot of free nights on my calendar this season. I’ve complied a list of covid-friendly things to do during the holidays that I know my family will enjoy and I hope yours will too. I will be posting different activities on the blog every week so stay tuned. You can also follow my blog via e-mail to get updates when a new post is up.

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